A history of innovation

Glenvill Homes has been at the forefront of Australian residential design for over five decades. Our journey began when founder Michael Warson built his first home in 1958. On the back of Warson’s skillfully planned, superbly functional homes, Glenvill’s reputation rapidly grew.

In 1960, Glenvill Homes became the first homebuilder in Melbourne to open a physical display home, allowing customers to fully experience their potential home before construction. Now considered commonplace, this is just one of the innovations that Glenvill brought to Melbourne’s residential property market.

Michael’s son Len took over the helm in 1991. Under Len’s direction, Glenvill became a specialist in premium and high-end housing. Today, with our inspired focus on design, craftsmanship and outstanding delivery, Glenvill has elevated to even greater levels. With over 50 years since building our first home, we have now built more than 10,000 homes and become Australia’s most awarded builder along the way.

More importantly, by incorporating custom design and construction under one roof, we’ve helped make exceptional, long-lasting homes affordable for many thousands of families, while also creating distinctive, customised residences for some of Melbourne’s most discerning families.