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To design and construct the spaces that our clients will live in for decades to come is a great honour for us. Our team of in-house designers, draftsmen and construction consultants work collaboratively to ensure every Glenvill home is expressive, enjoyable and effortlessly functional.

Glenvill’s design ethos is that good design is about the user, and this is never more true than when it comes to designing homes. “It’s about emotion,” says CEO and Creative Director, Len Warson. “What will the user feel when they walk into a Glenvill home? We want it to feel special, for there to be a sense of arrival. We want it to be something that they feel proud of. We want it to enhance a sense of family and a sense of place.”

At Glenvill, great design goes well beyond fixtures and fittings. We see a house as akin to a sculptural form – a series of cubes and spaces where drama can be created and the eye can be captivated. While there’s no single defining Glenvill aesthetic, our homes are typified by sophisticated neutral palettes, knowing attention to detail, strong use of light and appealing internal forms.

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