Glenvill Interiors If good design is at the heart of a great home, then interior design is a home’s lifeblood.

The interiors arm of Glenvill is responsible for the visual expression of our approach to quality and style. Led by Principal Interior Designer Andrew Huntley, Glenvill Interiors comprises a team of experienced interior designers who epitomise Glenvill’s creative flair and exceptional eye for detail.

Understanding the significance of a great home’s internal spaces, we appreciate that the interior design process can be overwhelming. “Decisions made on a home’s interior are decisions made on the spaces in which we will live, relax and entertain,” says Huntley. “Then there are the limitless combinations of colour palettes, finishings and fixtures available. Yet through knowledge, creativity and close consultation with the client, we can ensure every room works well, feels great and is a reflection of their individual taste”.

In line with Glenvill’s commitment to achieving the best possible end result inside and out, Glenvill Interiors’ approach goes beyond offering token choices of set colour palettes. Working together with each client, we discuss a comprehensive set of considerations from fixtures and finishing options through to floor plans and furniture configurations.

For customers after a higher level of customisation and finishes, the Glenvill Interiors team has relationships with a diverse range of suppliers including auction houses, local and international designers, artists and craftsmen. Through these relationships we can offer clients a truly bespoke suite of furnishings and finishings to create homes of absolute distinction. As for Glenvill’s own signature style, Huntley describes the Glenvill style as “enduring, coherent and understated. We want it to look as good in 20 years as it does the day it’s finished.”

Interiors Services:
– Colour consultancy
– Window furnishings
– Hard/soft finishes
– Kitchens / bathrooms
– Furniture
– Art & accessories

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