The Moda Luxury custom home Melbourne


More than just a facade

The power of a well-designed façade is something that should never be underestimated. It’s the façade that first greets you when you arrive home after a long day at work.…

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Design with a difference

Selecting the best custom home builder to design and construct your dream home is not a decision that’s made easily. Not only do you want to have confidence that your…

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Made in Melbourne

Melbourne’s home-grown custom builder Few luxury custom builders can claim to know Melbourne as well as we do at Glenvill. With our roots firmly planted in the city since having…

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Glenvill Homes Interior Design Melbourne


Should I renovate or rebuild?

If you’re living in your ideal location but not in your ideal home, you’re most likely considering renovating or extending your existing home to better suit your lifestyle. But before…

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Style Guide: Contemporary

What is contemporary? Contemporary simply means ‘belonging in the present’ or ‘in the now’. Contemporary style has no clear boundaries other than to be versatile enough to adapt to the…

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The Moda Luxury custom home Melbourne


Define your style: The Moda

Sometimes it can be hard to define exactly what your preferred style is and when building a custom home, trying to describe exactly what you want is often the hardest…

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