A pre-designed

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Architectural design,
for everybody.

Curate offers a rare combination: high-quality architecturally designed homes that fit both your budget and your timeline. How is this possible? The answer lies in extensive planning – backed by Glenvill’s six decades of architectural excellence. Custom made for inner-city living, our curated collection of homes are created to fit into urban blocks without the need for planning and R&Cs. But while the process is straightforward, the design standards are as rigorous as ever. Glenvill’s architectural pedigree is evident in every detail, with plenty of opportunity to modify, customise and change things up to suit your lifestyle. All so you can be confident that your build will progress smoothly, with more certainty, more signature Glenvill quality, and less paperwork or delays. Giving you more of what really counts – your very own architecturally designed home.