Welcome to Glenvill

Designing and building Australian homes for six decades.

Not your ordinary home designer and builder

At Glenvill, we have a simple promise. To be never ordinary. This means we don’t settle for the conventional way of working, just because it’s ‘how things are done’.

You see, home builders used to outsource critical functions like architecture and interior design. This made little sense to us. So, we decided to move everything in-house. Because we found that drawing from the shared know-how of an A-team of talented collaborators – all managed as one – let us do better work, create a more streamlined, flexible and creative process, and above all, keep costs down. And while this may sound like common sense today, in our industry it was anything but.

This means that when your home is designed and built by Glenvill – whether selecting a pre-designed home from our Collection Range as your starting point, or working with our in house design team to create a completely new design – the entire process from brief to build is expertly managed by the veteran Glenvill team. The result? A home that is anything but ordinary.

Never ordinary comes through in the way we work and the homes we create. With over 60 years of experience and 1,000 completed builds in our portfolio, it’s in our marrow and our mortar, our load-bearing words and walls.

So whatever challenges, changes and innovations are ahead of us, one thing’s for sure. We won’t ever accept the ordinary at Glenvill.

Built on concrete, steel, and decades of dedication

The Glenvill Group has grown – like any construction project – from the ground up. Beginning six decades ago as Glenvill Homes, the group now encompasses four divisions, including a dedicated building arm, tailored house-and-land packages, and the management of large housing developments.

But if you’d told that to Michael Warson in 1958, he would have raised a bemused eyebrow. From his very first project – the very first ‘Glenvill Home’ – he set his sights quite simply on creating well-planned, well-crafted residences.

Steadily, his reputation grew. New ideas were pioneered. Melbourne’s first physical display home. The concept of ‘open plan’ living. The ‘family room.’ The en-suite bathroom. And crucially, the combination of architecture and construction together: a profound breakthrough for the entire industry.

In 2005, Michael’s son Len reinvented the way the business operated, taking the service-orientated focus of five-star hotels as a guiding star. Since then, Glenvill has become synonymous with premium homes – a premium product married with a premium experience.

Today, tallying more than 10,000 projects and counting, Glenvill is still known in the industry and beyond for refined architectural design, contemporary ideas and quality that is anything but ordinary.