5 reasons why Glenvill Homes is built to last

Since 1958 through the many highs and lows of the property market, Glenvill Homes has thrived.

Since 1958 through the many highs and lows of the property market, Glenvill Homes has thrived. Why? Because the entire company has been built with the same meticulous planning, and to the same exacting standards, as every property that bares its name.

This remains true today, even through a period that builders describe as the worst in the history of the industry. Despite national supply issues and escalating materials costs, Glenvill continues to deliver beautiful homes.

The fact that we continue to navigate and withstand these challenges is a credit to Leigh Squarci, Managing Director of Glenvill Homes, and a leadership team that focuses on five important qualities.

1. Strong leadership

The Glenvill leadership team has complementary skills. Comprised of specialist talents in distinct fields, together they bring a breadth of knowledge to the company.

Young and dynamic, the team is progressive and open to change, able to adapt to new challenges and landscapes. However, they are careful never to expose the business to risk. Every decision must make commercial sense. 

2. Strong finances

Responsible financial management is key for any business that wishes to succeed, particularly when the going gets tough and customers are looking for reassurance.

“We’re in a great position,” says Leigh. “Glenvill conducts a huge amount of research to ensure our forecasts are accurate. On the surface, we might not appear to be the cheapest option, but that attention to detail means we deliver on our promises, and we don’t let people down.”

3. Strong focus

Glenvill doesn’t change direction or chase new markets, but rather we stick to what we know and what we do well.

Glenvill has perfected the art of luxury home design and construction. Skilled architects, designers, estimators, and builders collaborate under one roof, working together to ensure every new Glenvill home adds to a legacy that began over six decades ago.

“There’s a direct link between doing what you’re good at and a positive balance sheet. If you keep improving, the numbers take care of themselves,” says Leigh.

4. Strong relationships

Over our history, Glenvill has built trust and loyalty amongst trades and suppliers. Because Glenvill is building the same number of homes each year, suppliers can pre-plan to meet the business’ needs.

 When you build your home with Glenvill, we already have the materials needed to get started. Orders are placed three to four months in advance, and materials are stockpiled to ensure customers don’t have to wait for their build to begin. These robust supply chains ensure that Glenvill never has to compromise on the quality of materials and products.

5. Strong commitment

At Glenvill, we always honour our commitments to our customers. Leigh knows that protecting the hard-earned reputation of Glenvill is vitally important, and by continuing to build beautiful homes the business will ultimately come out on top.

Leigh and his team are embracing the current landscape, measuring themselves against what they’re doing now to meet the challenges head-on and prepare for the future. “Glenvill will continue to thrive and adapt to any and all market conditions. We take our role in building beautiful, family homes very seriously and you can rest assured you are in safe hands” he says.

Glenvill Homes has been part of the Australian property landscape for generations. Guided by an experienced leadership team, the company will continue to build on its exceptional reputation for many generations to come. Glenvill is built to last.