Bringing Hamptons style to your neighbourhood

The new, architecturally designed Facade 0.14 demonstrates that one does not need to live by the beach to experience the warm embrace of a seaside home.

Facade 0.14 is inspired by the timeless elegance of the Hamptons, a seaside location on Long Island.

Hamptons homes, with their combination of classic and rustic elements, inspire architects across the world to create charming coastal homes that are both comfortable and functional.

The perfect look for Australia

The look is both relaxed and refined, casual and elegant, contemporary and timeless. Perfectly suited to Australian conditions, our sensibilities and our way of life.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Hamptons look is its visual interest. The original Hamptons homes began life as beach shacks. They were developed and expanded over generations, leading to the elegant and refined appearance of today.

Beauty is in the details

Weatherboards, a staple of the Hamptons style, feature prominently in Facade 0.14. Australian homeowners have always loved weatherboard cladding for its warmth, unpretentiousness, clean lines, and simple beauty that never goes out of style.

Other Hamptons features adopted by Glenvill Homes (and adapted for local conditions) include the gabled roof, expansive windows, stately columns, and details such as the nautical porthole, intricate trim and rendered finish.

The style carries through to the soft, calm palette, which references the Australian coastal environment. Sandy whites, stony greys, and the muted colours of a dawn sky make the perfect backdrop for garden foliage.

Dreams can come true!

If the idea of a Hamptons-inspired home appeals, Facade 0.14 is currently available with three Glenvill Homes designs: Spatial Landscape, Urban Habitat and Minimalist Abode. Create your dream home by getting in touch with one of our Design Managers today.