Building a forever home – Nadia and Steven’s journey with Glenvill Homes

Embarking on a knockdown rebuild journey is a huge undertaking for any homeowner. For Nadia and Steven, the opportunity to build their dream home with Glenvill was a process filled with excitement, anticipation, and ultimately immense pride in their completed design.

When Nadia and her husband Steven, decided to build their dream home in the perfect location, it was a knockdown rebuild that proved the ideal choice. Together with their two boys, the pair were able to create an elegant home that perfectly suited their needs.

‘We were looking for a home design that just flowed really nicely. Having a seamless connection from the entrance through to the kitchen and the living area was important to us. Plus, we knew we needed to find a floorplan that would fit our block, which is a little oddly shaped,’ says Nadia.

‘We’ve lived in two houses as a family before building with Glenvill, so we had a really good understanding of what we wanted out of our home design and how we would use each space. We considered renovating, but ultimately, we felt we would have to compromise too much on what we could do with the property,’ adds Nadia.

Building the Contemporary Residence with 0.04 façade, the pair created a home built for living with a timeless aesthetic.

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom + one powder room design offered everything the family was looking for, including a separate study, a walk-in pantry off the garage and generously sized, multifunctional spaces, perfect for entertaining family and friends.

‘We fell in love with the floorplan and finishes of the Contemporary Residence when visiting the display home in Bentleigh East. But our favourite thing is probably just being able to share our new home with our friends and family. We’re able to have people over and cater for everyone which is fantastic,’ Nadia explains.

‘We did a lot of research and looked at various builders before choosing Glenvill. After visiting the Bentleigh East display home, we just felt it was a lot different compared to everything else that was out there, not so cookie cutter,’ says Nadia.

‘We’re just so proud of our home, we don’t feel like we had to compromise on our style at all. So, it really feels like a reflection of our family, and we’re excited to show it off!’

What to expect from the build journey with Glenvill Homes

Setting out to build their dream home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the process for Nadia and Steven was a little different to most homeowners. Happily, the pair were thrilled with the care and attention to detail they received, even with design consultations and meetings conducted virtually!

‘We were thrilled with the customer service throughout the process, we really felt like the team cared and wanted to make sure we had a positive experience,’ Nadia explains.

‘Our interior design consultation was amazing, she helped us make all our selections remotely. Overall, we were really impressed with our options, even Glenvill’s base range feels more elegant and higher quality than other builders,’ added Nadia.

‘Even after signing off the contract and all our design selections, we were still able to make little changes – like if we forgot to add a power point somewhere. It’s that kind of service that made the process a lot easier.’

And with a time crunch to move into their new home before Christmas, the family were thrilled to have the Glenvill team on their side.

‘Leigh and the team went above and beyond. They made sure everything got done and worked so hard to ensure we got in, in time for the holidays.’

‘As one of the first to build a collection home with Glenvill, we highly recommend it to anyone looking to build from scratch.’

Their advice for other homebuyers

‘This was our first time building and we have to say, the end was the best part! The process itself is stressful in parts, of course, but it’s all worth it when you start to see it all come together in the end,’ Nadia says.

‘We feel so lucky because every day feels like we’re living in a holiday home on vacation!’

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