Creating a luxury home in 2022: design features to try

Glenvill Homes' expert Design Managers can help you create the luxury home of your dreams.

Keeping up to date with the latest design trends when customising your new home is easy with the guidance and expertise of Glenvill’s design team.

Our Create process allows you to start with a blank canvas and design your own custom home. With over six decades of experience designing and building homes across Victoria, we understand the importance of incorporating innovative design features into your home that will ensure your dream home remains timeless. Below are some if the newest home design features we suggest you incorporate into your custom designed home:

Indoor outdoor living

The concept of bringing the outdoors in is no longer limited to alfresco entertaining areas or courtyards.

Architectural considerations also accommodate this design feature, with elements including skylights, full-scale windows, small atriums, internal courtyards and void spaces becoming in-demand – creating a sense of living harmoniously with the outdoors.

Biophilic Design

Create a connection with nature and incorporate natural products and features in your home. Sustainable timbers, wooden cladding, rooftop gardens and spaces that allow for natural ventilation throughout your home are just a few ways to incorporate this idea into your home design. Incorporating organic shapes and patterns over linear or angular forms, emphasising natural light and including water features can all enhance your connectivity to nature.

Tactile Touches

Soft furnishings and joinery all contribute to a home design that is inviting and warm. Tactile finishes for carpets, blinds, cabinetry and benchtops play a big role in creating a particular look.

This year, bouclé fabrics and tufted, unhemmed and raw finishes are key. Natural stones and timbers create texture and warmth, perfect for styling with plush, oversized artisan quilts, rugs and cushions.

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To learn more about incorporating some of these luxury home design features into your custom designed Glenvill Home, speak with one of our expert Design Managers here.