Define your style: The Moda

Sometimes it can be hard to define exactly what your preferred style is and when building a custom home, trying to describe exactly what you want is often the hardest part.

To make it a little easier for you, we thought it might be helpful to demonstrate how the key features and stylings used in a house can come together to create a beautiful yet functional home by taking a look at design and features of the Moda.

Contemporary features

The Moda epitomises contemporary design at its finest. Everything from the clean lines of its façade, to the intelligent use of line and form on features like the internal staircase, or the large expanses of glazing which welcome an abundance of light into the home all contribute to creating a truly contemporary environment.

Another thing the Moda does very well is the monochromatic layering of tones. For example, the finishes used in the bathroom in our Elsternwick display home demonstrates how you can adopt a simple white colour palette, but introduce elements of interest by incorporating a range of different materials and textures.

The beauty of designing a home with contemporary styling as the design inspiration is the versatility of the style to adapt to changes in your tastes and preferences over time. Because of the straight-forward nature of the fittings and fixtures used throughout the home, it’s relatively easy to update the style of the home as your tastes evolve by simply updating the decorations and furnishings.

Intelligent floorplan

Contemporary features lose their impact if they’re not backed up with a contemporary floorplan that will stand up to the tests of today’s busy lifestyles—the Moda is an example of truly intelligent design, with a floorplan that will easily accommodate even the busiest of families without sacrificing on luxury.

Set over an expansive 57 squares with three separate living spaces, four spacious bedrooms, a study, courtyard and an open plan design that integrates the main indoor living zone with the alfresco area, the home can very comfortably accommodate a large family.

A great feature of the floorplan is the connection it creates between the garage space and the heart of the home—the kitchen. Image you’ve just finished a long day at the office, commuted through peak hour traffic, then had to battle your way through the crowds at the supermarket. When do you finally arrive home, you can simply collect your groceries from the car, enter straight into the laundry where you can kick off your shoes, then unload the groceries straight into your walk-in pantry in a single easy swoop.

Then when it comes time to wind down for the evening, why not step into your luxurious master suite, complete with walk-through wardrobe, spacious double ensuite and master private retreat and check out from your busy day. You really can live a life of luxury every day in the Moda.

The finishing touches

Adopting a range of contemporary features with an intelligent floorplan will only get you so far. To make your home complete, it needs the finishing touches that can be achieved with some smart interior styling.

To achieve the contemporary feel used in the Moda, think ‘comfortable yet uncomplicated’ when selecting your individual pieces. Use clean lines, cool colours, white furnishings, light timbers and oversized artworks. Another key thing to consider with contemporary styling is the use of empty space as a feature—avoid over accessorizing and use the space in between objects to help emphasise feature pieces.

While the uncomplicated simplicity of contemporary styling may look easy enough to achieve, there’s actually a lot of thought and process that goes into doing it right. If you aren’t entirely confident that you will be able to execute your interior styling direction on your own, why not ask the experts (like our trusted in-house interior design team, Huntley Watson) for a helping hand implementing the finishing touches that will elevate your home to new levels of contemporary style.

What’s your style?

Do you know what your style is? As Melbourne’s premier luxury custom home builder, at Glenvill we have the know-how and experience to bring your ideas to life with your own custom home build. Contact us to find out how.