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Lumi Lighting are a trusted, premium supplier of Glenvill Homes and have shared their recent blog piece


Décor Spotlight: Minimalism by Lumi Lighting March 2022

Minimalism can still equal comfort. Left: Cream House by Belcon Constructions and Davis Architects is filled with curved furniture by Sarah Ellison. Photography by Jessie Prince. Right: Less objects and more storage are the secret to preserving a clear benchtop, as shown by Glenvill Homes’ Minimalist Abode residence. Photography by Timothy Kay. Styling by Karin Bochnik. Furniture from Trit House. Kann 300 pendants from Lumi Lighting.

Do you need to hang art on every wall? Minimalism questions what we know about materiality. Image by Dulux. Styling by Bree Leech. Photography by Lisa Cohen.

If you’re at the build stage, aim to let in as much natural light as possible. This is also a good time to incorporate built-in storage to hide belongings as in this Three Gables home project built by TrueBuild Homes. Interiors by Kate Lawrence Interiors. Photography by The Palm Co.

Left: Visual interest is created with texture and unique forms as in this image by Ferm Living. Right: Menu Design show how angled silhouettes, natural marble and simple art are applied with a restrained and deliberate touch.

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