How to design the ideal floorplan

When it comes to designing your dream luxury custom home, floorplan is king.

While it is essential you get the style and aesthetics of your home right, the floorplan is the underlying foundation that will ensure your home will not only feel spacious, functional and comfortable, but will suit your lifestyle for years to come.

If you’re in the process of designing the ideal floorplan for your new home build, here are our top five tips to help you design a home that’s sure to hit the mark.

1.Start with the basics

The first step in designing your floorplan is to work out what basic functionality you need.

Start by asking yourself questions like how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need, whether you have a preference for single or double storey living, how many living areas you want, if you’ll need a study or home office and how many cars you’ll need garage space for.

Once you know what your essential requirements are, you can start to build a basic floorplan which can then be tweaked to incorporate other elements and features throughout the design process.

2.Tailor it to your lifestyle

It’s also important to think about how you want your home to suit your lifestyle.

Think about things like the stage of life you’re in (growing families will have very different requirements to those who are downsizing), whether you prefer to entertain guests indoors or outdoors, how much storage you’re likely to need and if you require specific zoning which allows you to connect or separate areas of the home when needed.

By considering what your lifestyle is like now and what it’s likely to be like in another five, ten or twenty years, you’ll be better placed to envision a home design that will suit your family now and for many years to come.

3.Identify your unique requirements

If you’re opting for a custom home build, it’s likely you have a few unique requirements that simply couldn’t be satisfied with an off-the-plan design.

Whether you have a desire to create a home that channels the best of Feng shui energy, epitomises the best of Vastu shastra principles or challenges the boundaries of traditional design and architecture, it’s important to define any unique elements you want incorporated into the design early on in the piece.

4.Add a touch of luxury

It’s no secret that luxury comes with an expensive price tag, but the good news is you don’t always need to spend a fortune to create a sense of luxury. By identifying a few key areas of the home where you think it’s most important to adopt a luxurious feel and finish, you can still create a home of opulence while minimising costs.

Whether it’s splashing out on a lavish entrance space, a palatial master suite or an extravagant dressing room, a little bit of well-planned luxury in some key areas of the home can have a big impact without blowing the budget.

5.Ask for input from your builder

Finally, you should also seek some input from your builder about your proposed floorplan. Most builders will have extensive knowledge and experience building a range of home designs and will have witnessed what works and what doesn’t first-hand.

By choosing a reputable builder like Glenvill, you can benefit from our years of experience designing and building luxury custom homes in Melbourne. With a team of passionate designers and highly-skilled construction managers and builders under a single roof, we can provide you with expert advice and guidance to help you develop a floor plan and home design that will suit your family and lifestyle perfectly.

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