How to select the best site for your new home

The first step to building your dream home is finding the ideal site. When searching for your ideal site, you need to consider everything from location, to size and council restrictions to determine if it’s going to be suitable for the design you have in mind.

To make a process a little easier, here are some things you should consider when choosing a site.

Location, location, location

Long heralded as the bottom-line of any smart real estate investment, location is likely going to play an important role in narrowing down the ideal site to build your new home.

The first step is to shortlist your preferred suburbs. You should consider things like the range of local facilities and amenities, proximity to your work or your children’s schools and affordability in line with your budget.

You should also consider the characteristics of the neighbourhood. Take note of the various architecture that is prevalent throughout the neighbourhood to not only get an idea of how well your preferred style of home will suit the streetscape, but to also get an idea of the type of development projects that receive council approval.

While there is never any guarantee that the local council will approve your development plans, if they’ve approved similar developments in the past it can be a good indication that yours too could be approved. It’s also well worth visiting the council’s website, as they usually provide a wealth of resources that will give you an idea of the local building regulations, the planning permit process and any strategic town plans or proposed developments in the area.

Site characteristics

Once you’ve selected your ideal neighbourhood, it’s time to find the best site. If you already have very specific ideas about the type of home you want to create, it’s likely you’ll have more specific requirements when selecting your block.

Some key features you should be looking at include the size, shape and fall (slope) of the block. These will give you an idea of whether the block will likely be able to accommodate the home design you have in mind.

It’s also important to consider the orientation of the block so you can make the most of natural sunlight. Generally, north or north-east facing blocks are the most desirable, however it’s important to consider the design of the home and where the main living spaces will be located. For example, if you’re going to spend the majority of your time in the kitchen, living and dining at the back of the house, a north facing backyard could be highly desirable.

Another important thing to consider is if there are any covenants on the property that could restrict your building plans. A building covenant could, for example, include restrictions relating to the size of any buildings on the property, the landscaping, the colours or materials you use, or the sustainability or privacy requirements. If there are any covenants on the property, they should be clearly indicated in the contract of sale.

Other things to consider are if there are any easements on the block that could impact your design and how easy it will be to access the site during the construction process.

Finally, the soil type of the block could also have an impact on your home design. A soil test could reveal that the block has either a soft, loose, overly wet or clay soil type that may have implications for the design of the home, however it’s not imperative that you arrange this before purchasing a property, as it can be conducted when you are still developing the initial designs of the home.

We can help you find your ideal site

If you’re not a well-seasoned developer, choosing the best site to create your dream home may seem a little overwhelming. That’s why it can be helpful to get some help from the expert team at Glenvill.

As leading experts in building luxury custom homes in Melbourne, we have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge which can assist you to identify the ideal site for your new home build.

Whether you’ve short-listed some potential sites or you already live in your ideal location and are considering demolishing your existing residence and starting over to create your ideal home design, we can conduct a site appraisal to give you an idea of what might be possible.

While as custom home builders we can create a luxury home design to suit any block, if you have a specific design in mind, seeking a site appraisal is the first step to selecting the right block for your project. To arrange a site appraisal with one of the expert team at Glenvill, contact us or drop into our design centre in Cremorne.