Knock down rebuild 101: breaking down the process

Knockdown Rebuild

Have you outgrown your home but love your neighbourhood? Or maybe you’ve found the perfect area but no houses that suit you? A knockdown rebuild may be a perfect option for you.

When shopping for a home, some people want location, some want style, and some want both. With many inner-city suburbs already being developed, there is rarely land available for new builds so many are left with the decision to either renovate or knock down and rebuild. Glenvill Homes are specialists in the knockdown rebuild process, with experts ready to help you every step of the way.

Conversation with your design manager

The process starts with a conversation with your Design Manager, Glenvill’s in-house experts who will take you through everything from your budget to your block, choosing your facade, and interiors, and creating your dream home.

During our initial meeting, we will complete a site assessment to ensure that your land is appropriate for a knockdown rebuild and understand any potential limitations on the build. Then we’ll find out what inspires you and understand what you want in a home. We will help you choose a floorplan, facade and build a price estimate to suit your lifestyle. By creating a detailed brief from this information, we’ll be better able to understand your dream and work with you on creating it.

Glenvill order reports and prepare drawings

From here, Glenvill will order site-specific reports and prepare drawings of your home. Our team of experts will visit your block and take a full analysis of the site including soil testing and surveying.

Add a personal touch

Now it’s time to get creative. Add a personal touch to your home with interior and exterior colour schemes and choose your fixtures and fittings to tie it all together. The dream home you envisioned will start to come to life.

Taking care of the fine print

As soon as your plans and designs are finalised, we’ll take care of the fine print, including your contract and fixed price for your build. Once your HIA contract is signed, we’ll organise a building permit, order materials and appoint a designated site manager for your project.

Demolition complete and construction begins!

Now it’s time for you to say goodbye to your old home and for us to get to work and make your new dream home become a reality. Once construction begins, it won’t be long until you’re living in your Glenvill Home, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Selecting Glenvill Homes for your knockdown rebuild mitigates many of the risks involved with planning, designing, and building, ensuring a smooth and transparent process with costs and timelines clear from the beginning. Create your dream home with Glenvill Homes by getting in touch with one of our Design Managers today.