Style Guide: Contemporary

What is contemporary?

Contemporary simply means ‘belonging in the present’ or ‘in the now’. Contemporary style has no clear boundaries other than to be versatile enough to adapt to the trends of the time.

While most styles have clearly distinctive features that allow it to be easily distinguished from other styles, contemporary can encompass elements from a range of styles. Most closely related to modern and minimalist design, contemporary styling sets itself apart by not always adhering to a strict set of rules.

How to achieve the look

While it may sound impossible to create a style with the ability to continually evolve, it’s the simplicity of contemporary design that allows it to be easily updated in line with current trends and fashions but changing the fittings, fixtures or furnishings.

Achieving the contemporary look starts with using clean lines. While straight edges are almost always used in contemporary design, it can also often be softened through the use of curved elements. A feeling of spaciousness is synonymous with the style, which is why open-plan floor plans are usually adopted along with large expanses of glazing to welcome in natural light.

A basic palette consisting of cool colours often based around shades of white and grey is usually used, with detail added through the layering of different tones and textures rather than by using colour. Having said that, colour is still used in contemporary design, but it is typically only used to create a feature, for example by presenting a single piece of coloured furniture or an oversized artwork which helps to define the space.

When it comes to furnishings, simple is best. While it’s not uncommon to see a detailed feature piece here and there, don’t go overboard as a wealth of elaborate details will contradict the style.

Contemporary lives at Glenvill

At Glenvill, we are experts in contemporary design.

For example, the Moda epitomises the contemporary style by incorporating the innovative layering of surfaces, materials and voids, with large expanses of glazing, oversized sliding doors, quality materials and contemporary detailing.

The Linear is also an example of how simplicity and authenticity can be balanced perfectly to create a cool and contemporary environment. Presenting seamless open-plan living, the Linear is a state-of-the-art, yet family-friendly residence.

The Albemarle is another example of one of our contemporary homes, presenting a strong façade with clean lines and an internal living space that creates a feeling of spaciousness and relaxation.

As Melbourne’s premier custom home builders, at Glenvill we can also design and build a unique contemporary custom home to perfectly suit your individual needs and wants.

To find out more about how Glenvill can help you build the contemporary home you’ve been dreaming of, view more of our contemporary home designs, visit one of our display homes, or contact us to find out more.