Things to consider when choosing a luxury home builder

To determine whether your builder has the expertise to deliver your dream home you need to do your research.

Sourcing the right builder to create your dream home requires research and an exhaustive list of pre-selection questions.

Our specialist team understand that delivering a luxury home takes dedication and experience. To determine whether your builder has the expertise to deliver your dream home, here are some essential questions to consider.

Learn from history

How long has the company been in business? The best home building companies are likely to have been in business for decades with a long-standing track record, including Glenvill, with 64 years of delivering excellence. Businesses with longevity will have a comprehensive portfolio of their prior builds which showcase their design excellence and quality of the homes they have built.

Do your research

People want to know that their builder will be here well into the future. Ensuring your home builder has a solid and long-standing business will give you piece of mind that they’ll execute your build through to final delivery.

Any reputable builder will be registered, licensed and eligible for domestic building insurance. Alongside years of accredited experience, this coverage – from a litigious perspective – ensures that the project is completed with adherence to current standards and risk mitigation has been evaluated. Search online for more in-depth information on the building industry or speak to someone at your local consumer agency.

For the record

Any reputable custom home builder should have earned several awards, or be featured positively in the news or media.

Glenvill has been honoured with more than a hundred awards and many testimonials, recognising its commitment to quality and service excellence.

Who they work with

Established long-term relationships between your builder and reputable suppliers. Thus, ensuring high quality products that can be trusted have been used and will contributed to a sophisticated, high quality end result. So ask for details on the specific trades and materials that your builder works with.

Design Matters

Unlike other builders, we have an experienced, in-house architect who you work closely with to realise and define your dream home. Our design team take the time to understand your vision, wants and needs and then work closely with our construction team to ensure every last detail is considered to the highest standard. From design sign-off to construction commencement, we ensure that your vision is delivered faithfully through to completion by an established cohort of industry professionals.