Tread a different path with a custom home design

Dare to be bold and create a truly unique design with a Glenvill Bespoke home.

The Bespoke design process affords you the freedom to customise your home with your own personal touches to perfectly compliment your surrounds, family and lifestyle, all while delivering a uniquely refined aesthetic and elegantly cultured personality.

Uniquely tailored

To design your ideal custom home, we need to truly understand you and your expectations. The Bespoke process begins with a conversation with an experienced Design Manager who will build an in-depth understanding of your family dynamics, your lifestyle and what inspires you.

With this knowledge of your individual requirements and aspirations, we can develop an ideal floor plan that emphasises well-zoned spaces or seamless open-plan living.

We aim to fulfil your every need whether it relates to bedrooms, a study, library, sitting room, dining, living, parents room or conservatory. We can create a series of spaces for the family to gather, relax or entertain and connect it beautifully to a gorgeous alfresco area, swimming pool, cabana, outdoor kitchen or fire pit.

The new Moda display home offers large expanses of glazing, oversized sliding doors, quality material and contemporary detailing, taking Glenvill displays to a new level

Pay homage to your surrounds

For a good design to be great, it’s integral that it seamlessly integrates with its environment.

During the initial stages of the custom home building process, we arrange a visit to your site to get a thorough understanding of the locale and document the adjoining properties and features of your property to ensure your home will assimilate perfectly into its environment.

If there is a prominent style or theme in the neighbourhood, your Bespoke design will create a strong connection to these natural surrounds. This could be to harness natural light, connect inhabitants to the outdoors or consume a breathtaking panorama.

The Bel-Air is a contemporary single-level home designed to soak in vistas of the coast or rolling hills, creating a strong connection to its natural surrounds.

Add a true sense of design

Bespoke is all about adding a sense of exclusivity to your one-of-a-kind home.

If you’re envisioning a home with elevated ceilings, expansive voids, revealed skylights, polished concrete floors, a Bespoke home can be tailored to satisfy almost any design need.

At Glenvill, we have a complete in-house team of fully qualified Melbourne designers who engage with you throughout every step of the design and build process to match your unique aspirations to create a beautiful, customised home.

The Caulfield delivers a higher living room ceiling and clerestory windows to draw light into the centre of the home and enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

View all of our Bespoke home designs, find out more about our custom home process or make an appointment to discuss your own Bespoke project.