Where Luxury Lives

One of the most common requests we hear from our customers during the design-and-build process is the desire to emphasise luxury throughout their home. While luxury can mean a range of things, most interpretations generally relate to elements of comfort, quality, elegance and opulence.

At Glenvill we deal in luxury every day. As one of Melbourne’s leading luxury custom home builders, we know what works and what doesn’t. While the range of materials and features which you can incorporate into your home to create a sense of luxury is endless, we’ve selected a few of our favourites that are sure to elevate your home to new heights of luxury.


One of the best ways to create a sense of luxury is to incorporate expansive areas of glazing to your home. Whether it’s with oversized windows, glass doors or dramatic skylights, there’s no question that glazing emphasises the sense of space throughout the home.

Glazing allows you to harness the pure essence of nature—sunlight. By carefully designing your home with the orientation of the block and the positioning of the home in mind, some well-positioned glazing allows you to make effective use of light throughout the home to create either a sense of drama, or a more natural atmosphere.

Incorporating glazing into your home also allows you to always feel connected with your environment—something which is particularly important during the long Melbourne winters where you can be comfortably cosy indoors, yet still be connected to the surrounding environment.


Incorporating a range of natural materials into your home is always a good idea, and an obvious winner on the luxury-front is stone.

Stone says luxury for one key reason—quality. When you look at almost every example of notable historical architecture that is still standing today after hundreds, if not thousands of years, a common theme in their construction is the use of stone. If that’s not testament to the quality of stone as a building material we don’t know what is!

Whether you incorporate elements of stone into your home with a stacked stone façade, stone benchtops, a stone basin or bathtub (yes, they do exist) or polished concrete flooring, there’s no question that stone is a sure-fire way to emphasise the quality of your home.

Natural timber

Nothing says luxury like superior craftsmanship, and quality timber is a beautiful way to add an extra luxurious element to your home.

Easily one of the most popular home building materials, timber is a great way to add a touch of warmth and character to a room. Versatile enough to compliment almost any other building material, timber is an ideal way to bring balance and character to a space which could otherwise seem cold or clinical.

It’s easy to incorporate timber into your home design, whether it be with hardwood timber flooring, a timber-lined ceiling, expertly crafted timber cabinetry or laser cut timber detailing.

A touch of metallic

To really create a sense of luxury, finish off your home with a metallic touch. Precious metals have long been associated with wealth and opulence because of their high economic value, popularly used throughout history as currency and to make fine jewellery.

While it’s not necessarily a cost-effective option to paint your entire home in gold leaf, it’s easy to add a touch of opulence to your home by incorporating a few metallic elements. Whether you use copper pendant lights, bronze tapware or a pressed metal backsplash, it’s hard to ignore the luxury and lustre of a metallic finish.

Luxury lives at Glenvill

At Glenvill, we are experts in making the every-day luxurious.

As one of the most experienced and reputable luxury custom home builders in Melbourne, we know how to bring luxury to life, whatever your style preferences are. With design and construction housed under the same roof, we can create bespoke homes perfectly tailored to your personal tastes and requirements, without any of the hassle.

Contact our head office and design centre to find out how we can make your every-day luxurious.