Create vs Collection: how to choose your Glenvill Homes journey

With services to suit every homebuyer and budget, which should you choose to bring your dream home to life?

For over 64 years, we have been innovating and refining our approach to homebuilding. Now with more than 1,000 completed builds in our portfolio, we can confidently say we’ve designed and built homes in every style and shape imaginable! Armed with this experience, and the knowledge that every homebuyer is different, we have been able to curate two distinct offerings – Create and Collection.

Each provides a truly unique home building experience, designed to perfectly cater to your lifestyle and budget. But, no matter which journey you choose with Glenvill, the result will be a beautifully imagined and masterfully executed home that you can cherish forever.

So, which of our expert services should you choose to bring your dream home to life – Create or Collection?

Create – start with a blank canvas

Our Create process allows you to design and build the custom luxury home of your dreams in one end-to-end process. This approach allows you to begin with a blank page, as you work hand in hand with our award-winning architects and designers to define your vision. Then, our experienced construction team will take the lead to deliver your home with the highest quality craftsmanship throughout.

With everything managed in-house from brief to build, there’s no unnecessary back and forth between contractors. That means the very same people will be with you right from start to finish, from big picture project planning right through to the most minute of interior design details. This helps streamline processes and keep costs down so we can focus on the most important challenge: how your space looks, feels and functions.

If your vision is to create a truly bespoke home that is unique to you and your lifestyle, our team of consultants, architects and interior designers are on hand to make the whole process as seamless as possible. As experienced luxury home builders, we take the time to guide you through every aspect, ensuring your vision is reflected in your new home.

Collection – choose from our pre-designed range

If you’re looking for a more affordable home design, while still enjoying the benefits of customisation, our Collection portfolio may suit your needs perfectly! This range of single and double storey pre-designed floorplans combines expert design, uncompromising quality and affordable pricing to ensure you can find a home that fits your budget and your timeline.

Made for inner or outer city living and backed by extensive planning, Collection homes are created to easily fit into urban blocks without the need for Regulations and Covenants. Our floorplans are designed to be flexible. Simply pick the design that speaks to your taste, and then work with us to build the home that fits your lifestyle.

While the process is straightforward, the design standards are as rigorous as ever. All so you can be confident that your build will progress smoothly, with more certainty, more signature Glenvill quality, and less paperwork or delays.

Plan your Collection home online 

To help you plan your Collection home, we’ve launched a new online tool called Collection Creator! This innovative platform gives you the flexibility to design your ideal home – from floorplan, facade, design options and upgrades – and get an accurate, transparent indication of how much it will cost. Try it out for yourself here.

Whether you select a pre-designed home from our Collection range or choose to work with our in-house Architect and design team on a custom Create project, you’ll find a Glenvill home to suit you that is anything but ordinary.

Book an appointment with one of our expert Design Managers to learn more about Glenvill Homes’ new build options.