Welcome to Glenvill, where our simple promise is to create bold and beautiful homes that stand the test of time. Rooted in the core belief of intergenerational design and construction, our designs not only embody enduring charm but also add lasting value to your dream home.

Our architecturally distinctive approach transforms dreams into reality, infusing every project with a bold and beautiful design. Instead of settling for the conventional, we’ve reshaped the norm by keeping critical functions in-house, seamlessly managed by our veteran team. Our A-team of collaborators brings shared know-how, creating a streamlined, flexible, and creative process that keeps costs down. Seamlessly integrated, we blend design and construction for a client journey that’s both smooth and extraordinary, resulting in homes that are stunning and structurally sound.

At Glenvill, your choice is paramount. We empower you to personalise our designs, start from scratch, or embrace them as is, always ensuring bold and beautiful results. With over 65 years of experience, we stand ready to create your dream home, backed by a legacy of excellence spanning generations.

A Word From Our Leadership Team

"Our reputation for innovation derives as much from our approach to creating, as it does our creativity. Ever curious, always questioning, forever open-minded, we collaborate widely and often, exposing ourselves to the works and ideas of makers, thinkers and disrupters from allied and disparate professions alike."

Leigh Squarci – Managing Director – Glenvill Housing


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We are pleased to announce our status as winner of the 2023 HIA Residential Design Award, as well as being a Finalist for the prestigious Professional Major Builder Award. The full list of awards and accolades can be found here.

2023 HIA – Victorian Professional Major Builder Finalist
2023 HIA – Residential Design Winner
2022 HIA – Victorian Professional Major Builder Finalist
2021 HIA – Victorian Professional Major Builder Finalist
2021 HIA – Display Home – $600,001 to $800,000 Finalist
2021 HIA – Custom Built Home – $1 million to $1.5 million Finalist