The real value of a custom-built home

When dealing in new home construction, you really do get what you pay for.

If you’ve been researching various Melbourne home builders but haven’t found one that can offer you exactly what you’re looking for, you may be considering going down the custom-build route.

A custom build is a great option if you’re looking for something a little more unique than your stock-standard off-the-plan home, however you may think that it’s going to cost more than it’s worth. While it’s true that a custom build can often come with a higher price tag than your run-of-the-mill build, there are some good reasons why.

It’s perfectly tailored to your needs

Nothing can be worth more than having a home that suits your needs perfectly.

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to creating your dream home and with a custom build, you really can incorporate everything you’ve ever wanted.

You may be a keen entertainer who wants a show-stopping kitchen, living and dining. Or maybe your family is outdoorsy and would love a designer pool complete with cabana and outdoor kitchen. Or maybe you’re the glamorous type and want an ultimate master suite with luxurious double ensuite, palatial closet and private master retreat.

With a custom build, you can have it all and more. You can design a home that perfectly compliments your personality, lifestyle and design inclination.

They’re built to a superior standard

Builders who mass-produce off-the-plan homes often use a set of standard building materials which they purchase in bulk to use in all their builds. Rather than selecting the materials based on quality, they’ll bargain for the most affordable materials to keep their overheads down.

When you opt for a custom build with a premium new home builder like Glenvill, the power is in your hands to dictate whether you want to incorporate any specific building materials, or if you’d simply prefer for us to take care of it all.

Because we deal exclusively in luxury new home builds, we know how to source the highest quality materials while negotiating the best possible price to keep costs down, to produce a superior quality home built by true craftsmen.

You can achieve new levels of energy efficiency

If you’re a fan of eco-design, a custom build can help you reach new levels of energy efficiency.

Not only can you determine the ideal orientation of the home to harness the natural light, but you can also do things like opt to only use sustainable building materials, integrate solar panels or incorporate smart water systems. You could even create passive heating and cooling systems with things like double glazed windows or intelligent ventilation systems.

Given most custom-built home owners live there for many years, having the ability to create a home that can achieve new levels of energy efficiency will pay for itself over time, making the added investment well worth it both environmentally and financially.

They hold their resale value

While people rarely build a custom home to sell, when the time does come to move on, because you’ve created a well-designed, unique home that sets itself apart from the competition, it’s likely you’ll be able to resell it for an impressive price.

It’s well-known that scarcity drives demand and if you’ve got a home of superior quality, in a great location which is loaded with high-end features, there’s great potential for prospective buyers to simply fall in love with it and pay a premium price to secure it.

While buyers in who can afford a home in that price bracket could theoretically choose to build their own custom home, the reality is that many don’t have the time to wait until construction is completed to move in, making buying an established property a highly attractive option.

Start your custom build with Glenvill

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