Why finding an established home can be more complex than rebuilding

Love the neighbourhood you live in but not your home? Knockdown rebuild is easier than you would expect when guided by our team of experts.

Once you’ve decided that you’ve outgrown your existing home, finding a unique property that perfectly suits your updated requirements can be a lengthy and complex process. You may consider whether to wait for the ideal established property to hit the market, or instead, upgrade to a brand-new custom-designed home.

A Glenvill knockdown rebuild removes many of the risks associated with designing, planning and building because all your costs and timelines are transparent from the start. Purchasing an established property, on the other hand, can come with lengthy back-and-forth negotiations on the sale price and settlement terms, and in the case of a redesign or renovation, budgets can blowout.

Embarking on the construction of a brand-new property with a reputable home builder instils confidence in a quality outcome, delivered on time and on budget. A knockdown rebuild also eliminates the stress and competitiveness of an auction or private sale, where the purchase price often skyrockets well beyond the reserve.

Working with our dedicated Glenvill design team, we will guide you through selecting a home from our expertly designed Collection range – including your floorplan, façade and interior finishes palette that suits your preferences. If you prefer a unique home, our Custom Create offering enables you to embark on the design process from the very beginning, creating a bespoke luxury home design for you and your family.

This flexible option allows you to achieve everything that’s on your new home wish list, beginning with the freedom of the blank page and ending with a home that looks, feels and functions exactly how you dreamed it would.